Lucky Block: The Future Of Gambling | by Maximilian Perkmann | May, 2022

Lucky Block is a blockchain-based online lottery protocol that enables fully transparent, fair, and secure gameplay. The Lucky Block project was launched back in 2015 and is based on the widely used Binance Smart Chain network. The goals: end-to-end transparency, absolute protection against manipulation, and guaranteed profit distribution.

Lucky Block — Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash, edited by the author

The token Lucky Block, LBLOCK, considers itself revolutionary in the gambling industry. The platform uses the claim:

“The №1 Crypto Games Platform Where Everyone’s a Winner”

as also developers and non-profit organizations, and not only the winner, receive rewards upon the distribution of profits. Lucky Block can therefore also be seen as a form of social cryptocurrency.

The whitepaper sets clear goals:

  • Developing transparent and fair gaming practice
  • Building a global gaming platform with better winning odds for players
  • Providing an effective investment strategy for ticket buyers
  • Developing the community

Lucky Block enables speedier and more transparent payouts while maintaining complete monitoring and documentation, regardless of the height of the win, using distributed ledger technologies (DLTs). Additionally, Lucky Block validates both players and tickets, minimizing the possibility of data loss, deletion, or manipulation. In addition, Lucky Block is run as an open-source project. Companies, especially young and innovative start-ups, are allowed to use the blockchain free of charge.

Whitepaper —

To summarize, Lucky Block aims to establish a more sustainable form of sweepstakes. So far, however, the project is still in the development phase. Interested investors and buyers should therefore read the white paper and the roadmap of the Lucky Block organization.

In February 2022, Lucky Block launched version 2 of its network, which is compatible with Ethereum and serves as a gateway to the universe of Ethereum assets, applications, users, and dealers.

Roadmap —

The team also came up with a new tax solution that will help to make the token “exchange-friendly”, and increase the likelihood of listings on big centralized exchanges.

What Makes Lucky Blocks Special?

Smart contracts are one of the core elements of the algorithm. The validation of the “contracts” between the individual partners is transparently accessible in an independent blockchain.

LBLOCK, the native digital token of the Lucky Block platform, is a BEP-20 token. The currency is used for various purposes inside the Lucky Block ecosystem, including the purchase of lottery tickets and the distribution of prizes. Moreover, because rewards are distributed in LBLOCK rather than fiat money, jackpots can be distributed instantly.

Price Development —

LBLOCK holders who store their tokens in a crypto wallet connected to the Lucky Block app will receive rewards periodically. The rewards depend on the amount of lottery participants. This means that, as the Lucky Block platform expands, LBLOCK holders will receive a greater amount of passive income. Furthermore, a recent press release from Lucky Block estimated that holders should receive a yield of around 19.2% p.a. on their tokens.

Despite the progress and the O.K. from regulatory sides, no lottery took place at this point. The first drawing of the virtual lottery numbers is scheduled to start at the end of April 2022. The purchase of a lottery ticket is possible via the free Lucky Block app. Of course, multiple tickets can be purchased to increase the chance of winning. Just like in a “classic” sweepstake. The distribution of the prizes is anything but classic though:

  • 70 percent of the jackpot is distributed to lottery participants.
  • The remaining 30 percent will go in equal shares to the initiators, charity, and the holders of Lucky Block Tokens.

Owners of the Lucky Block Token should therefore be guaranteed to benefit from the prize distributions. Unlike scratch cards and the like, the draw is based on a random basis: a so-called random number generator determines the winners automatically and, in line with the Lucky Block motto, completely transparently.

Lucky Block —

Lucky Block NFT

One development step of the roadmap was the launch of the first NFT collection, which was completed in mid-March 2022. These are called “ The Platinum Rollers Club”. The NFT collection is limited to 10,000 Non-fungible Tokens and can currently be purchased on the new NFT marketplace NFT LaunchPad. Each non-fungible token, a tokenized mp4 video, represents the 1:10,000 chance of winning in the NFT lottery. The NFTs have been minted on the Binance Smart Chain.

The Platinum Rollers Club —

Already in the first few weeks, notable influencers came on board — including “Wolf of Wall Street” Jordan Belfort, Indian influencer Shehnaaz Gill, and Millionaire Mentor Jason Stone, who has nearly 10 million followers on Instagram.
Still, Scott Ryder, CEO of Lucky Block, recently announced that they are still working on some technical issues before scaling up marketing. In the best case, more marketing will lead to higher demand for Lucky Block NFTs, resulting in greater value in the medium term.

The Platinum Rollers Club —

Many NFT holders are hoping for an explosion in the value of Lucky Block NFTs. The company’s cryptocurrency Lucky Block serves as a prime example. That’s because the LBLOCK token was able to achieve a brilliant performance after its listing on PancakeSwap at the end of January with a price increase of over 6500%. According to some sources, Lucky Block is the fastest-growing cryptocurrency in history.

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As mentioned above, the Lucky Block platform tries to improve the current lottery experience. This aspect has already attracted the attention of the media and retail traders, with the Lucky Block Telegram group now containing almost 50.000 members.

Similar to some of the most interesting Web 3.0 coins, it’s difficult to predict what price Lucky Block could reach, given the lack of historical price data. However, if the tamper-proof, sustainable and transparent lotteries of the Lucky Block organization gain popularity, the Lucky Block price should develop positively as well. After all, Lucky Block (LBLOCK) scores with a new and revolutionary approach.

Additionally, Lucky Block’s dev team applied for listings on some of the largest crypto exchanges, including Binance,*, and FTX. A listing on the mentioned platforms would significantly increase the token’s accessibility to investors — which may lead to price increases in the longer run.

The roadmap gives a taste of what’s to come. You should check it out > Roadmap.

How To Buy $LBLOCK?

The token is currently only listed on PancakeSwap so far and not on the major crypto trading platforms. If you want to profit from Lucky Block’s success nonetheless and take away some risk, the Binance Coin (Star Atlas runs on the Binance Smart Chain) could be the token of your choice.

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